Web Hosting

Whistler IT Solutions

Once your website name is purchased, and the site is built, you need a place to host it so it shows up online. I offer several hosting packages, depending on your needs.

Hosting for "standard" websites

Select one of these options for websites that don't require an online storefront. The hosting package you choose determines which features you have access to, and the maximum size and addional options for your site.

1. SiteBuilder Basic ($8.00 / mo)

 Basic templates and stock images
 Basic content widgets (layouts, text, images, backgrounds, etc.)
 Email: up to 4 addresses, POP3 only
 File Types: Images only

2. SiteBuilder Plus ($12.00 / mo)  

 Same base features as SiteBuilder Basic
 Premium templates and content widgets
 Premium stock photo selection
 Photo galleries, social media integration, built-in blogging widget
 Email: unlimited addresses, POP3, SMTP, IMAP support
 File Types: any (including download links)

3. SiteBuilder Pro ($16.00 / mo)

 Same base features as SiteBuilder Plus
 Even more templates and widgets
 Embed Videos
 PayPal Integration
 Custom HTML widgets

All hosting plans also include:

 Unlimited Bandwidth
 Optional SSL secured connection
 Optional Domain Privacy
 Webmail access - check your site email online!
 Customized Favicon for your site
 Optional metadata editing (for SEO)
 99.99% uptime guaranteed by the provider

Hosting for online storefronts

Want to sell products directly from your site? You'll need to set up a storefront. If you're selling physical items, electronic goods, or services that you take payments for directly, choose a storefront option to proceed.

1. StoreBuilder Basic ($18.00 /mo)

Up to 50 Products
Unlimited Categories
NO Transaction Fees!
Supports multiple payment partners / gateways
Built-in translations (45 for storefront, 15 for back-end)

2. StoreBuilder Plus ($24.00 /mo)  

Same base features as StoreBuilder Basic
Up to 100 Products
API connections
Payment and Mobile POS solution
Discount Coupons

3. StoreBuilder Pro ($32.00 / mo)

Same base features as StoreBuilder Plus
Up to 1,000 Products!
Edit orders / invoices
Stock Control features
Support for customer groups and custom discounts
Support for volume discounts and multi-tier pricing

Need detailed specs on a plan or feature?
Contact me for a full spec sheet or detailed explanation.