Web Design Services

Need a website, but don't have the time or skill to do it yourself? Let me build it for you! I offer two types of web design, depending on your budget and requirements.

Sitebuilder Templates

If you need a straightforward website without a hassle, choose this option. Using my powerful sitebuilder tools, I can create you a professional website in just a few days. I design the layout of the site, and populate it with images and content provided by you. Sitebuilder has a TON of features and options to choose from, so you get a look and feel that's right for you. I charge a flat, one-time fee of $1,200 to build the site for you, and you're free to make changes and additions with the sitebuilder dashboard. Contact me for more details!

From Scratch Web Design

If you're looking for a more complex website with lots of interactive features or custom code not available in website templates, this is the option you'll need. I offer a free one hour consultation so we can discuss your requirements, plan out features and options, and put together a basic design map for the site.

Customized web design takes a little longer, but the results are unmatched. My fee for custom web design is $70 per hour. Generally speaking, you should expect a job to take 30-40 hours, but this will vary depending on how big the site is, and how complicated the overall design is. You're still responsible for providing the content of the site, but I handle all of the coding and make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it to.