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Whistler IT Solutions

Domains, Web Design, and Web Hosting

At Whistler IT Solutions, the main way I help small businesses and individuals is by designing or hosting their website online. Thanks to my years of experience in the industry and strong partnerships with suppliers, I am able to offer a full range of services to meet the needs of anyone looking to create or maintain an online presence, all in one place.

For every website on the internet, there are three pieces at work: the domain name, the website itself, and the web hosting service.

  Domain Registration

In order to run a website, you must first pay for and register the name. This is done through a Domain Registrar. Prices vary based on the extension (.com, .net, etc.), and different companies charge different rates for new domains, renewals, and transfers, and can even change their prices based on what other services you buy from them.

At Whistler IT Solutions, I have partnered with a full service provider that allows me to offer registrations and renewals at competitive rates, with a long list of features included for free that most companies charge extra for, including SSL certificates and domain privacy.

I also won't jack my price up after the 1st year, a practice common with many domain name registrars. Click the button below to review my plans, or search for a domain name.

  Web Design

A modern business needs to be accessible to new customers. The most common way people find the products and services they need is a quick internet search. If your business isn't in those search results, you're going to miss out on lots of potential sales.

Whistler IT Solutions can design a professional, easy to use website, customized for your exact business needs and budget. You don't have to be a computer expert - leave that part to me!

Already have your own website or know how to program one yourself? No problem! You can still host your domain with me, and even use my exclusive, interactive sitebuilder tools to get your website online quickly and easily.

  Web Hosting

Once your website is built, it has to be stored on the internet and made visible to other users. The web host handles this part. There are lots of features and options, and many web hosts charge you based on how much traffic you get each month, or even limit how much data your site can send back and forth to its visitors.

My provider is one of the best web hosts in the world, with international servers that are safe and secure, with guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Their robust platform allows me to offer competitive procing and a wide range of options. ALL hosting plans include a large amount of storage space, unlimited network bandwidth, and free email addresses with every account, including webmail access.

Custom Reporting and Business Intelligence

As a Project Manager and Business Analyst, I've spent years working with large corporations and reviewing their operations. From process mapping, to policy and procedure revision, to software and report design and development, to maintenance and technical documentation, I have the skills and know-how to help any business review their existing processes, make recomendations for improvements, and help design and implement them. Whether you're just looking for a quick analysis or a full scale process review, I can help. I have a strong background with a number of industry-leading Process Improvement methodologies, including LEAN, Six Sigma, and Agile. Contact me today to find out what I can do for you.

Smart Reporting

Better data means better decisions. I can redesign your existing reports or write new ones that are easy to use and update, to help you spot trends and opportunities.

Business Analysis

I'm an expert at process review. I can map your electronic and manual processes and help you change your process flow to get faster, more reliable results.

Tech Advisory

Stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends and breakthroughs in business technology. I can help you figure out if the newest tools and gadgets are right for your business.

Ongoing Support

I'll never leave you out to dry. The job is not done just because the software is installed. Whether it's new reports or maintenance, I'm here to assist you and your staff.

I offer a free one hour consultation, no contract, no obligation. Contact me any time to talk about your needs, set up a meeting, or get a quote for my business design services.

Technical Support Services

Whether you're running a business or just have home computers or peripherals you need assistance with, I have the technical experience to help keep your systems running smoothly. I offer a variety of technical support services, including prevention and maintenance. If you don't have the time, talent, or inclination to deal with your computer system upkeep yourself, and don't want or need a full time IT staff, I can design a support solution to fit your needs and your budget. Call me any time to discuss options and prices.

I proudly offer the following support services:

 Technical Support or troubleshooting for any PC, Mac, or Linux computer, as well as any handheld device and most peripherals
 System upgrades or reinstalls - for when you want the newest Operating System, or need a fresh install after a crash or virus
 Scheduled Maintenance, including software updates, security patches, registry and spyware cleaning, etc.
 New software setup and configuration - need help setting up bookkeeping software, or a new reporting product?
 Network backups, or manual backups - store copies of your important records offsite, or in the cloud, to protect against hardware failure and other data loss
 Software Training - for when you need help learning an unfamiliar product, or bringing a new employee up to speed

I'm always open to new ideas - if you don't see what you're looking for on the list, ask anyway! Chances are, I can accommodate you.